Open Mic @ The Boathouse in Ossining, NY!!

I don’t know why I’m always surprised, but every time I play at the Boathouse in Ossining it becomes a huge party! We sing songs, wave to boaters, cool down with sea spray and umbrella drinks from the sailboat bar, cheer on little kids who jump up to the microphone…it’s a real celebration. And there’s […]

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Glen Roethel at the PosiAwards 2017

Glen at the PosiFest, PosiAwards, Totally Cool Song School – 2017

It must have been 80 degrees Fahrenheit every day in Tampa as we gathered to celebrate, teach, learn, share, showcase and perform Posi (positive) songs –  songs with messages of personal empowerment, transformation, connection, healing, respect for all things, unity, social justice – all good things. For a person like me who believes in the power […]

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