Smaller Things


Ballads, anthems, grooves – guitar-centric, seasoned with every little shaker thing and percussive African gourd you can lay your hands on. Tastefully arranged with uplifting melodies, heartfelt vocals delivering catchy hooks and beautiful harmonies… Occasional fancy finger work reminds the listener this guy is a guitarist. The songs cherish the Earth, telling stories of love, loss, hope and service while encouraging acceptance, connection and family.

Smaller Things 1
Smaller Things 2
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“You” $1
“The Truth About Tomorrow” $1
“One Word” $1
“Pumpkin Street” $1
“The Lovers” $1
“Wishes” $1
“Survival” $1
“A Tale Of Two Young Men” $1
“People of the Earth” $1
“Hungry” $1
“Alison’s News” $1
“Smaller Things” $1

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