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Hey songwriters, do you ever get stuck, just waiting for inspiration to strike?
We all get in a rut from time to time. Melodyce make it easy to break away from your melody-writing habits. Got five words? Roll the die five times, write down the numbers and sing them (ex. 1=do, 2=re, 3=mi/me, 4=fa, 5=sol, 6=la, 7=ti/te, 8=do).
And what about chords?
Good news, Melodyce can help with chords, too! It’s so easy! In the key of C, the numbers correspond this way:

1 = C major
2 = D minor
3 = E minor
4 = F major
5 = G major
6 = A minor
7 = B diminished (or cheat by playing G with a B in the bass 😉
8 = C major

Roll multiple Melodyce at once for a really quick melody or chord sequence!

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