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other fun live performances
(originals, too!)

“Drift Away” at the PosiAwards After-Party, February 2017

Glen leads a celebrity cast and band in a favorite classic, “Drift Away,” by Dobie Gray. Listen to the room light up!

A Sense Of Unity At The First Annual Woodstock Peace Festival

Glen Roethel, a Posi (positive) Music Artist, performs his song “Rainbow” live, bringing thoughts of “acceptance-not-tolerance” to the first-ever Woodstock Peace Festival, Bearsville Theater, Woodstock, New York, on September 27, 2015. “Rainbow” is a favorite song of mine from my first solo CD, From Beginning To End. It’s important to me because it speaks to humanity’s basic […]

Beautiful Now (YouTube)

Beautiful Now

From Glen’s newest CD, Unfolding, a live performance of “Beautiful Now,” a song about responsibility and good stewardship of the Earth.

Filmed by Steef and Chris Sealy of Denver Film & Digital (

“Rainbow” by Glen Roethel

From Glen’s first CD, From Beginning To End, a simple, fun live performance of “Rainbow,” a song about acceptance and diversity.

Filmed by his amazing, talented friend, Tom Grogan at Tom Grogan Photography Studio (