From Beginning To End


Ballads, folk story, lullaby, anthems and a Bossa Nova – guitar, piano, Nigerian talking drum master grooves – yeah, we’ve got it. Brilliantly arranged and co-produced by Steve Young, Ely Joseph and the artist. It’s a melting pot of hope, curiosity, observations and questions. There’s something spiritual and dreamy here…a seeking nature reminiscent of Cat Stevens…oh, and a Cat Stevens song.

FBTE cover
FBTE disc
FBTE back


Order Physical CD. $15
Download the CD. $10
Listen to MP3 Singles and Download
“From Beginning To End” (single) $1
Counting Sheep” (single) $1
You Can Change” (single) $1
“Kindling” (single) $1
Rainbow” (single) $1
“Enlightened” (single) $1
The Wind” (Cat Stevens) (single) $1
A Beautiful Place” (single) $1
“Daughter” (single) $1
“Amanecer” (single) $1
“Namaste'” (single) $1
“Bedtime Story” (single) $1
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