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Sun, 02/25
7:00 pm-10:30 pm

Tampa Marriott Westshore


Change your music, change your life!

This is the “Grammy Awards” of Posi Music! A not-to-be-missed event if you believe that music has the power to make change, the emPower Posi Awards features very entertaining hosts, Sue Riley and Richard Mekdeci, plus live performances of almost all twenty-one of this year’s nominated songs – by the original artists – often accompanied by our amazing house band (Music Directors: Glen Roethel and Carole Tomhave).

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Book a hotel room here.  ~ Tampa Marriott Westshore,  1001 N Westshore Boulevard,  Tampa  FL  33607


emPower M&A is Pleased to Announce the 2018 Posi Award Finalists

All Music Matters

“Genius in Disguise” by Jan Garrett and Daniel Johnson
“Be the Light” by MaryBeth Stone & Joe Slyzelia
“Every Day is a Gift” by Patricia Bahia


“There’s Nothing I Can Say” by Jill Colucci, Catt Gravitt, and Jason Garner
“Blind for a Day” by Daniel Nahmod
“We Remember” by Roger Tomhave and Sue Riley

New Thought

“Hallelujah Today” by Denise Rosier
“My Life is a Prayer” by StoweGood & Rev Jim Rosemergy
“Oh, Grace” by Dawn Kerlin and Jack Howell

Personal Transformation

“No Mud No Lotus” by Bob Sima
“Great Day to Be Alive” by 7th and Hope (Patricia Bahia & Betty Lawrence)
“My Voice Matters” by Angelle Peace


“Over and Over Again” by Faith Rivera
“Wrap You Up” by StoweGood – (Stowe Dailey & Karen Taylor Good)
“I know the Feeling by Heart” by Jan Garret and JD Martin

Social Justice

“The Movers The Shakers and the Peacemakers” by Bob Sima
“Thrive” by Austin Willacy and Ariel Theirman
“I Have a Name” by Anji Kat


“Home of the Brave (Immigrants and Pilgrims and Refugees)” by Karen Drucker, JD Martin, and David Roth
“Ancestors” by Melinda Wood Allen and Jan Garrett
“The Hero’s Journey” by Chris Chickering and Greg Barnhill

People’s Choice for best Posi Video of 2018!

“Fiona” by Asha Lightbearer

The core members of the band are as follows:
Ralph Cornwell (drums/percussion);
Freebo (bass);
Susie Hulcher (bass);
Lucy Lawrence Kilpatrick (keys);
Levi Hammock (guitars);
Glen Roethel (guitars and vocals).

Additional musicians and vocalists include:
Richard Mekdeci (keys);
Claudia Carawan (vocals);
Karen Drucker (vocals);
Carole Tomhave (vocals);
Roger Tomhave (vocals);
Jennifer Ferren (vocals);
Sue Riley (vocals);
and others!

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