About Glen Roethel ...since you asked ;-)

Glen Roethel - pre-haircut ;-)

Glen Roethel is a New York-Based, California-Born Contemporary Folk-Pop-Rock Singer-Songwriter-Entertainer, Accompanist, Producer, Arranger, Graphic Designer, and a Guitar-Player’s Guitarist

He tours singing his own songs with guitar and ukulele, often improvising new songs on-the-fly [See Custom Songwriting For Your Events] When not performing his own music he entertains, drawing from his lifetime musical curriculum: more than one thousand hit cover songs spanning the 1930s through today (with a special emphasis on the ’50s through the ’80s). Glen has released six original full-length CDs, most of which he produced for his own independent label, Inspireline.

Glen is a touring singer/songwriter, accompanist, studio musician, producer, instructor, entertainer and graphic designer. Click a blue (or green) menu item to learn more about Glen’s work.

  Singer / Songwriter   Multi-Accompanist   Studio Musician   Instructor   Entertainer   Graphic Designer
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